Lesson 1 : Getting Started with X3DOM | Thai language

How to export file from Maya to .wrl, .x3d, and to HTML/XHTML for Web3D | English and Thai languages

How to use Level Of Detail (LOD) in X3D(OM) | Tutorial in Thai language

Sphere Troupe | Create X3D Geometry Node by using JavaScript.
Runtime API Example | Included navigation mode setting, viewpoint setting and so on.
Fullscreen | Styling X3DOM scene as fullscreen.

Examples on X3DOM.org
HTML Integration
XHTML Hello World | Basic X3DOM in XHTML example
HTML Hello World | Basic X3DOM in HTML example
Background Opacity | Background and object opacity
3D object in front of text | A 3D object in front of HTML text
Multi-View | Multiple X3D scenes in a single XHTML document
id/USE | Model with id/DEF names and USE/Route references
Simple DOM updates | Model with DEF/USE references
JQuery Manip | Using jQuery to manipulate an attribute
AddRemove Nodes | Simple example how to add/remove nodes
HTML Events on 3D objects | Simple onclick() event on 3D objects
Inline | Scene which references an external box model
CSS Transform | Utilizing 3D-CSS Transforms to transform a X3D-Node
CSS props on X3D Element | Example shows how to use and change CSS elements on the X3D root node
Generic Texture | Node which utilizes an img, video or canvas tag for texturing

(Under Construction)


7 Comments Add yours

  1. imran miah says:

    when i download the ‘JQuery Manip’ link the sliders dont appear on my browser. why is this? ive got all the scripts files in the same folder. how do i get it running like it his here so the colours change???

  2. Punit Shrestha says:

    how does the picking objects work in X3DOM?

    1. You can use JavaScript event like onclick() embed in your X3D node to do that thing. : )
      Hope it help.

  3. Winai says:

    ยังทำเว็บ 3D อยู่หรือป่าวครับ
    ผมสนใจที่จำนำมาพัฒนา กับงาน GIS ครับ

    1. ยังทำอยู่ครับ มีงานที่ผมเอามาใช้กับงาน GIS บ้าง ลองดูใน https://www.facebook.com/hz.geoztron ว่ามีส่วนคล้ายกันไหมครับ ส่วนตัวผมสนใจด้าน GIS มากครับ เผื่อได้นำมาประยุกต์ใช้ด้วยกัน : )

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